CarSumo – The “Kayak of Car Classifieds” Launches

Buying a car can be a real PITA. If you’ve ever searched for something specific and had to search site after site, spending weeks scouring the web for your dream car, then you know what I’m talking about. We recently came across a new web app called CarSumo, a car classifieds aggregation site that pulls in listings from multiple sources to make the car buying experience suck less. The site has been referred to by its users as the “Kayak of Car Classifieds” since you don’t have to go to the individual car classifieds sites to find a car – you simply do the search in CarSumo and they show you all the cars in one place. They should be rolling out iOs and Android apps in the coming months, which we’ll be looking forward to!

Here’s a screenshot of the homepage:
















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