Sponsored Post: Johnnie Walker Blue Label, The Gentleman’s Wager II

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

There are brands, and then there are brands that stand out above all the rest. The brands that we are talking about don’t try to grab your attention with big explosions, or try to sell you on how good of deal you’re getting. They present themselves with confidence; and that confidence is so contagious that when you start using that product, you begin to walk with a little bit of a swagger because you know that what you are driving, wearing, or drinking is made with quality, and though not everyone may notice, the right people will.

Johnnie Walker has put themselves right in the middle of these confident, quality driven brands by presenting themselves with the poised strut that they have achieved.

In Johnnie Walker’s new short film called “Johnnie Walker Blue Label, The Gentleman’s Wager II”, Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini marvel over a beautiful old car that Giancarlo owns. Jude Law places a bet that he can have this car that hasn’t run in 40 years not only up and running, but in Monaco by 12 PM the next day. As the Wager is set, Jude persistently works on the car, gets it running and sets on his journey to meet the ever unforgiving clock; all while Giancarlo enjoys the day and relaxes.

The film also stars renowned Chinese actress Zhao Wei, who brings the whole act together at the end by helping Jude push the car over the finish line with just seconds to spare. The two men embrace each other as they share in the excitement of the journey and what will inevitably be a story they are able to tell for the rest of their lives.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is brand that is portrayed beautifully in this 11 minute film as a quality drink that isn’t meant for excessive celebration, but it is to be enjoyed like time with a lifelong friend.

To learn more about Johnnie Walker Whiskey, visit their Facebook page or Instagram profile.

Note: This post has been sponsored by Johnnie Walker, but all thoughts are our own.


Living in Southern California, I love MMA, My family, and anything on the beach.

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Living in Southern California, I love MMA, My family, and anything on the beach.

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