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timex classic 50

In this day and age we are always looking for more ways to save time and get more done. Our phones are packed with apps and widgets that make life a littler easier while at the same time allowing us to utilize every minute of the day in the most productive way possible.

Our phones are smart, our cars are smart, and now our watches are following suit. The New Timex IRONMAN Classic 50 Move+ watch is blowing the minds of just about every person that puts one of their wrists. With over 160 years of experience, Timex made sure that this watch wowed their customers.

Not only is this new IRONMAN watch worn by the military, police officers, and outdoorsmen, it’s also won over Bill Clinton as a fan. I think this shows just how dependable these IRONMAN watches are if presidents and law enforcement are willing to trust this watch.

The cool thing about this watch is that it isn’t just a watch; it’s also a motivator. It shows how far you have gone that day, so if you are tempted to ride the elevator, this personal trainer on your wrist will encourage you to maybe take the stairs instead. With other capabilities like automatically syncing to your smart phone, and being able to upload all fitness information, its no wonder that the New York Giants are proud to be sponsored by this incredible brand known as Timex.

So whether you are leading a country, protecting a community, trying to use your time wisely, or practicing for the big game at the Timex Performance Center with Eli, This Timex IRONMAN watch is for you.

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Note: This post has been sponsored by Timex, but all thoughts are our own.


Living in Southern California, I love MMA, My family, and anything on the beach.

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Living in Southern California, I love MMA, My family, and anything on the beach.

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