Top 10 Best Men’s Magazines

The market is filled with men’s magazines, both online and in print. What differentiates one from the other? Is it substance, is it showiness, or is it class? I’ve been reading men’s magazines for quite a few years now and it seems that there’s a niche for every men’s magazine out there. Where one men’s magazine lacks in a certain department, another picks up. But I have the philosophy in life that I should be able to have my cake and eat it, too. So I want the best of all worlds  jam-packed into one magazine. I want to see sound, journalistic quality articles and I also want to see articles that entertain me. Then I also need some visuals as well. I mean, no men’s magazine is complete without some visual stimulation, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t know what I mean, please stop reading this article and double check if you’re a man or not.

From my experience with men’s magazines it’s either one extreme or the other with no middle ground. For example, Maxim Magazine is great, but there’s absolutely no substance. It’s awesome if you don’t want to think and are only interested in looking at some hot babes, but more than that and you’ll be looking elsewhere pretty quickly. Then there are magazines like Men’s Journal that have excellent content, but are ridiculously boring.  Its focus is primarily on the outdoors, camping, health, etc., which are all things that every men’s magazine should contain, but there is absolutely no variety, so interest is lost after flipping through the pages and not seeing any eye candy.

And that’s really the thing, isn’t it? I expect to see half-naked women in my men’s magazine, and if I don’t, I’m quite offended. What is needed is topical variety, such as fitness, health, finance, sex, women, and so on. But then there are several men’s magazines that just totally ruin the image of the “renaissance man” that a lot of us may aspire to. What am I talking about? I’m talking about “men’s magazines” that talk about fashion and entertainment, with an obsession almost. I simply don’t get it. If you want gossip, pick up a chick zine, not a men’s magazine! A legitimate men’s magazine doesn’t obsess with Hollywood and fashion. Yeah, I admit, grooming properly is essential in this day and age and it’s nice to keep up on certain key highlights in the entertainment industry, but to turn that into the main focus of the magazine is offensive to me when under the guise of a “men’s magazine.”

And this is how Men’s Weekly came about. I realized that a balance was lacking with all these men’s magazines and decided to do something about it by creating this publication. It’s growing in readership and is en route to compete with the big boys like Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health.

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  • you are obviously a jack of all trades master of absolutely NOTHING. seriously and Complex mag have more entertaining everything in a month than all these mags and sites have all year.

    Get off brands that cover generic, LCD crap and have a little taste.

  • Mr Shayrgo! I am shocked you didn’t include me! Just kidding, nice post, asylum is a good online mag, I think there in print in the US

  • Adam,

    I actually really do like your site. I suppose that I focused more on publications that are in print rather than straight up websites. However, if I had to choose publications with a web presence only, I would definitely have to throw yours in.

    It’s just that there are soo many Men’s Magazines and Men’s lifestyle sites that it’s hard to choose. I think a lot of them are doing an excellent job and it only pushes me to try and keep on par. Problem is that a lot of people have a short attention span (me too), you have to make it catchy and entertaining. It’s a difficult balance to provide quality work with something that people actually want to read without falling a sleep.

    but I digress.

  • haha its ok buddy I was just jesting, glad you like it though, oh included you in our link roundup this week 🙂 all the best


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